Monday, December 15, 2008

Hello Camera

D,K and B. Chill. I love my kids!
Last summer I bought a remote (on ebay) for my Nikon. I finely dug it out tonight to shoot a few pics (concealed in right hand). At under $10 the simple, single button gadget has already paid for itself. I can use it next summer for Skateboarding self portraits! Let the narcissism commence!


Nikoli said...

Another great shot. As are the "Wordless" photos. I guess it's just semantics... but yours aren't "pics," they're genuine "photos."

But just so you know, I'm totally poaching this string of lights idea, though probably not this year (the boy would try to eat them I'm sure).

Kvon said...

HA! My little girl tried to eat the lights. In some out take pics you can see the word "NO!" on my lips! lol! KIDS!

Thanks for the good word Nikoli! Poach away! If I inspired you to take more pictures... than my job here is a success today! Skate! Create! Document! YA!