Tuesday, July 28, 2009

V6 Flyer returns from Infamy!

It was 1992 (or there about) I was playing in a band called "V6" with skater / musician friends; Captain Payne and Jason Larson. We were a mix of Primus, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Fishbone, Janes Addiction and Rage Against the Machine. Early on we played a gig at the now razed Liff Auditorium. Liff was on the campus of Mesa State College. It was a small, poor sounding venue with nothing going for it. If you had a local band in those days, Liff was the only place to throw a show. I had butter flies. Half the time I was scared stiff to go on stage. Some how I made it through. Over the years I played Liff shows with many different bands. Now I get depressed if a week goes buy without being on stage... any stage.. anywhere. I just love to rock. Any instrument any kind of music. V6 was my first band to make a unified sound. Most groups just make noise, but a "sound", now that is a beautiful thing!

The other day my cousin showed up to Hail practice with this old V6 flyer. We had a few laughs over the content. Thinking back, I took that picture into a mirror then we photocopied the pic to enlarge and scribbled all the info. Now I have a career in marketing and production... ironic.

Thanks for the flyer Big Wolfe.

Monday, July 27, 2009


"Girl you know I,I,I.."
"Girl you know I,I,I.."
"I've been feenin"
"wake up in the late night... dreamin' about your lovin"

"Birthday sesh"
"Birthday sesh"

What? Isn't that the way the song goes?

Well the first line of the song is:

"It's your birthday so I know
"You want to Riide out"

As far as I can tell its a song about a Skate session!
I took the songs advice and had a birthday session of my own in Aspen Colorado. The Vert bowl gave me a little too much lovin... I still feel it. A9 captured a few slams and makes on vid. They hurt a lot worse than they look. At the end of the day I landed six inverts on the 9' with vert. I am stoked! The featured backing track to the vid is my new song "The saboteur"

You're never too old for a lil Birthday Sesh!
"Riide out!"

Birthday Sesh. Aspen CO July 2009 from kvon on Vimeo.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

WARNING! AWESOMELY BAD VIDEO CONTENT... on the way to the skatepark.

My brother and I took a lil skate trip up to Snowmass and Aspen, old news, I know... but here's something new: On the way we rolled 32 gigs of binary code. I sent the footy with my lil bro A9 to edit. What he sent back makes Dumb and Dumber look Genius. omg. Four video shorts so far. Get out your lap top and have a seat on the throne because this is "The Bathroom youtuber!"

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Flashback to June 2009

It took me a while to start cutting footage from my Spring skate voyage. Here is a fun mellow vid from X-court Skate park in Glendale AZ. This was the last day of our trip. We had a blast. A thousand "thank yous" go out to everyone who helped make that vacation the perfect way to start the 2009 summer!

X-court June 2009 from kvon on Vimeo.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Aspen /Snowmass Colorado. The 4th of JULY!

Up AT the crack of dawn. Drive for 2+ hours. Skate. Drive. Skate. Drive! It was a fun filled 4th, and that was just the morning! My brother "A9" and I pulled off a sneak attack on the crete at Aspen and Snowmass yesterday morning! It was a good, no.. it was a GREAT time! I will do it again FO-SHO! Here are some shots to document our celebration for INDEPENDENTs!

A9 Drops at Snowmass . This pool simulation bowl was so RAD! The shallow end was real tight but still ride-able! The waterfall was steep! This bowl was challenging in all the right ways. It gave us nothing for free! I would like to ride this thing every day and get good on it.

Snowmass is just around the corner from Aspen. This park was built by Dreamland Skateparks. It truly is a dream to ride. But watch out for the water from the sprinkling system. It leaches in through the concrete cracks and can turn this dream into a nightmare! The city of Snowmass should seriously check into this before it becomes a problem.

Snowmass skatepark. View #2

Snowmass skatepark. "B.F.B."Big fun Bowl

I would love to have this in my back yard!

I took it easy. The bigger bowl was a bit intemidating. I wanted to keep it fun and that means NOT getting hurt! I threw a few micro backside airs and called it good!

Another BS air in the bigger bowl.

Kvon Pivot in the bigger bowl at Snowmass.

Victory! "The hairy pit old man hath skated The and walketh away to skate another day!"

Commonly miss-referred to as "Butt-pencil" THIS, is a little place called Aspen COLORADO!
Colorado Combi! Two 6'+ rounds and a 9' or 10' square! OH-SO-SMOOTH! I love this Bowl!

Kvon back side Carve.

Shot of the park surroundings.

I love this town!

4' to 6' area. Tons of lines! THe Locals kill it, and you will too!

The big tile extension.

A9 with a cool fly-out!

This little bowl is RAD for beginners. It just ROCKS!

We returned home tired and happy, ready to light some fire works! I hang out with my wonderful family then we grilled steaks with our good friends Jim, Allie, Honor and Eden. We lit fire works in the street in front of our house then walked down to the community overlook to watch the city burn some $. It was a good day!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sumer time rolls

Bust-a-backside! A9

Bail shots rule!

A9 "chillin-it"

Kvon invert

Kvon Lein to tail

Kvon Boneless one

Tha heat makes ya K-ra-Z!

Big B Shreds!

I have been racking my brain to no end... trying to formulate a plan to build a vert ramp. I have always had this passionate pursuit of big air. I have dreamed of boosting 6'-8' above the coping on a 12' vert ramp. There is currently no such ramp in my town (to my knowledge). So, I can drive out of town or I can build one. I would have started building already but there are variables that perplex me. Ramp construction is relatively straight forward but knowing the future is another thing all together. It's like this.. say I build a vert ramp and.....
1. my neighbors throw a fit.
2. we decide to move
3. it rains and snows ALL the time..
4. etc.etc.etc...
Anytime I am working on a plan I go through a time like this. I am just trying to work out the details. I'll get it worked out. Mean while, "LETS SKATE!"