Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sumer time rolls

Bust-a-backside! A9

Bail shots rule!

A9 "chillin-it"

Kvon invert

Kvon Lein to tail

Kvon Boneless one

Tha heat makes ya K-ra-Z!

Big B Shreds!

I have been racking my brain to no end... trying to formulate a plan to build a vert ramp. I have always had this passionate pursuit of big air. I have dreamed of boosting 6'-8' above the coping on a 12' vert ramp. There is currently no such ramp in my town (to my knowledge). So, I can drive out of town or I can build one. I would have started building already but there are variables that perplex me. Ramp construction is relatively straight forward but knowing the future is another thing all together. It's like this.. say I build a vert ramp and.....
1. my neighbors throw a fit.
2. we decide to move
3. it rains and snows ALL the time..
4. etc.etc.etc...
Anytime I am working on a plan I go through a time like this. I am just trying to work out the details. I'll get it worked out. Mean while, "LETS SKATE!"


Nikoli said...

'Bout time there was an update! Looks like a fun session. Don't know about that obsession with vert... the flat bottom just hurts me so much... ;)
But your list is lame and easy to address...
1. Talk to your neighbor FIRST
2. Take ramp with you
3. Cover your azz, I mean your ramp (at the very least, tarp it)
4. Roll with it baby, you've got a ramp in your backyard!

So if ya got the cash, the gumption, and the gnar, I say go for it!

ol bean said...

Find a cornfield.
Get the owner's permission.
Clear a section in the middle.
"Build it and they will come."
:-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

Kvon said...

LOL! Sounds great ol bean! With real estate in the hole right now.. maybe I could find a piece of land for cheap! Then we could camp there on weekends!

I have also been toying with the idea to build an indoor skate park as a business... not a huge money maker but I could edit commercial video while I keep an eye on the skaters. Maybe I can swing it with double billing! ;) Scared to think what Insurance would cost on something like that. There is an expanding amusement park in town, I make TV spots for the owner.. hmmmm maybe I can talk him into... !!!

Jeff said...

The lien to tail is NICE! And I must say that sleeveless shirts are where it's at. Nice Pics K! KILL IT!

Kvon said...

I was surprised at how sleeveless shirts help you stay cooler.. temperature wise. Now I have to work on the guns and tan! lol!

Nikoli said...

Hey, I talked to Neil Blender... he wants his shirt back... he said you can keep jockin' his trick though...

Kvon said...

wohah ha,ha,ha! Winner=Nik. Excellent adaptation of a great oceans 11 quote! lol! We're bringing sleeveless back!!!