Sunday, July 5, 2009

Aspen /Snowmass Colorado. The 4th of JULY!

Up AT the crack of dawn. Drive for 2+ hours. Skate. Drive. Skate. Drive! It was a fun filled 4th, and that was just the morning! My brother "A9" and I pulled off a sneak attack on the crete at Aspen and Snowmass yesterday morning! It was a good, no.. it was a GREAT time! I will do it again FO-SHO! Here are some shots to document our celebration for INDEPENDENTs!

A9 Drops at Snowmass . This pool simulation bowl was so RAD! The shallow end was real tight but still ride-able! The waterfall was steep! This bowl was challenging in all the right ways. It gave us nothing for free! I would like to ride this thing every day and get good on it.

Snowmass is just around the corner from Aspen. This park was built by Dreamland Skateparks. It truly is a dream to ride. But watch out for the water from the sprinkling system. It leaches in through the concrete cracks and can turn this dream into a nightmare! The city of Snowmass should seriously check into this before it becomes a problem.

Snowmass skatepark. View #2

Snowmass skatepark. "B.F.B."Big fun Bowl

I would love to have this in my back yard!

I took it easy. The bigger bowl was a bit intemidating. I wanted to keep it fun and that means NOT getting hurt! I threw a few micro backside airs and called it good!

Another BS air in the bigger bowl.

Kvon Pivot in the bigger bowl at Snowmass.

Victory! "The hairy pit old man hath skated The and walketh away to skate another day!"

Commonly miss-referred to as "Butt-pencil" THIS, is a little place called Aspen COLORADO!
Colorado Combi! Two 6'+ rounds and a 9' or 10' square! OH-SO-SMOOTH! I love this Bowl!

Kvon back side Carve.

Shot of the park surroundings.

I love this town!

4' to 6' area. Tons of lines! THe Locals kill it, and you will too!

The big tile extension.

A9 with a cool fly-out!

This little bowl is RAD for beginners. It just ROCKS!

We returned home tired and happy, ready to light some fire works! I hang out with my wonderful family then we grilled steaks with our good friends Jim, Allie, Honor and Eden. We lit fire works in the street in front of our house then walked down to the community overlook to watch the city burn some $. It was a good day!


Nikoli said...

Awesome trip and documentation! If you keep callin' them "micro" that means I have to call mine "nano bs airs" so knock it off! Just plane ole' "bs air" will suffice.

Haven't regripped the Hawk yet... sooon... sooon... (as if I needed another project)

Kvon said...

I hear that small is the new big! Thanks for the Hawk update... Grip it, Grip it GOOD. sorry... Hey, there is a local shop that is discontinuing skate.... they have a big box of grip.. all different colors: camo, pink, black etc.. I was going to make them an offer on the whole box. hmmmm.

Nikoli said...

I'll pitch in a 20 spot...

Kvon said...

hmmm, ya! I wonder what I should offer? What is a good deal on a one board sheet of grip?

Nikoli said...

Shops usually charge $7-$10... So I def. wouldn't offer more than half that... I'd say $2 per maybe... What else does he have? I need new wrist guards and elbow pads, and a lid or two... (ProTech Burnquist or Lasek models - XL - not the ones with styrofoam)...

Oh, and thank you for being my personal shopper. :)

Kvon said...

HA! Nik, I will email you! :)

Chris Eggers said...

Great trip, great shots! More of these please!