Monday, July 27, 2009


"Girl you know I,I,I.."
"Girl you know I,I,I.."
"I've been feenin"
"wake up in the late night... dreamin' about your lovin"

"Birthday sesh"
"Birthday sesh"

What? Isn't that the way the song goes?

Well the first line of the song is:

"It's your birthday so I know
"You want to Riide out"

As far as I can tell its a song about a Skate session!
I took the songs advice and had a birthday session of my own in Aspen Colorado. The Vert bowl gave me a little too much lovin... I still feel it. A9 captured a few slams and makes on vid. They hurt a lot worse than they look. At the end of the day I landed six inverts on the 9' with vert. I am stoked! The featured backing track to the vid is my new song "The saboteur"

You're never too old for a lil Birthday Sesh!
"Riide out!"

Birthday Sesh. Aspen CO July 2009 from kvon on Vimeo.


Nikoli said...

Kook! Nice make. Inverts shall never be on my list as my body freaks out when my ass is above my head.

a9 said...

Awesome! I love the new track! The inverts aren't bad either. ;D
9 feet baby! way to tear it up.

Anonymous said...

Nice work! The music made me want to get out there and try...:)-

Anonymous said...

that comment would be from you sis-in-law- hannahbanana