Thursday, July 23, 2009

WARNING! AWESOMELY BAD VIDEO CONTENT... on the way to the skatepark.

My brother and I took a lil skate trip up to Snowmass and Aspen, old news, I know... but here's something new: On the way we rolled 32 gigs of binary code. I sent the footy with my lil bro A9 to edit. What he sent back makes Dumb and Dumber look Genius. omg. Four video shorts so far. Get out your lap top and have a seat on the throne because this is "The Bathroom youtuber!"


Nikoli said...


cher said...

Geez, some people have no idea what their kids are up to!

Anonymous said...

I was laughing my head off! I thought only my sisters and I made ridiculous sounds and songs while driving in the car-guess its a sibling thing! HILLARIOUS!