Tuesday, July 28, 2009

V6 Flyer returns from Infamy!

It was 1992 (or there about) I was playing in a band called "V6" with skater / musician friends; Captain Payne and Jason Larson. We were a mix of Primus, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Fishbone, Janes Addiction and Rage Against the Machine. Early on we played a gig at the now razed Liff Auditorium. Liff was on the campus of Mesa State College. It was a small, poor sounding venue with nothing going for it. If you had a local band in those days, Liff was the only place to throw a show. I had butter flies. Half the time I was scared stiff to go on stage. Some how I made it through. Over the years I played Liff shows with many different bands. Now I get depressed if a week goes buy without being on stage... any stage.. anywhere. I just love to rock. Any instrument any kind of music. V6 was my first band to make a unified sound. Most groups just make noise, but a "sound", now that is a beautiful thing!

The other day my cousin showed up to Hail practice with this old V6 flyer. We had a few laughs over the content. Thinking back, I took that picture into a mirror then we photocopied the pic to enlarge and scribbled all the info. Now I have a career in marketing and production... ironic.

Thanks for the flyer Big Wolfe.


sarahgrace said...

How come I don't hear about these things before they hit the blog anymore? I especially think it's hilarious how you "like" said what time it started at, and "like" how much it costs. Hee hee...

ol bean said...

"All the world's a stage." You have made it so. I saw you playing on a mountain top for your b-day. You were way up on the very tip top.

V6 - with just a little more power, just think, you could have been a V8. That would have been real juicy, too!

Very cool poster, by the way!

Kvon said...

"Could have been a V8" LOL! I knew you couldn't resist! :)