Sunday, September 27, 2009

"well, what do ya know!?"

That's what my son D said tonight when I found his Game Boy advance charger right where he had left it. For our purposes the expression means "Well what do ya know, an actual blog post". Yes, I have been away from the blog for quite some time now. I have been busy playing and writing music, being a Dad and even skateboarding. It has been a whirl wind summer. In June 2009 I was skateboarding about three to six hours per day, playing music two to four hours per day. In July I began to notice several growing injuries so I dialed my skating back a bit and started practicing Guitar two to ten hours per day. I got a regular gig playing guitar out at a local church. I have met some great people. This gig has given me a reason to progress. I hope to have solid guitar skillz by this time next year. I am still skating, just about every day. I will never quit. I love it. There is just no need to push it too hard. Skate, get stoked and then rest! More posts to come SOON!


Nikoli said...

I was JUST coming here to razz you for slackin' on the blog posts! HA! Nice save. Dude! It's almost October! Gonna miss out on big fun in Cali! (Just a bit o' hell there, your bail reason is totally legit.)

Kvon said...

Nik! HEY! Man, you are so right! oh well. Next time! Have fun!