Saturday, September 27, 2008

7 Days 7 of 7

The last day is done. 7 pictures in 7 days. These seven days have made a monster out of me.

Parting is such sleep... not sorrow... for I will be snoozing this time tomorrow!

Friday, September 26, 2008

7 Days day 6 "to the third power"

Our 7 days flickr group has really challenged me to get a shot EVERY day. Out of time. Short on ideas. Who cares. Push the button and capture the moment.... later, you will be glad you did.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

7 days, day 5 "Public Private"

Day 5 "Public private" is that Public vs. private or make private public??? Apparently perception is up for discussion within the art form.

Once again I find myself with less time than I desire. Think about that for a moment... mmmm-k. I work nonstop. Aside from the day job and my small recording studio business I have a collection of other gigs going on. I have always been able to find an angle for getting paid to do what I love. With five mouthes to feed I have to make every job count. At times I am a hired gun, a paid musician whose job is to show up looking and sounding like I have been a part of the band from day one. Oh, it's humble really, I don't play for anyone BIG mostly small club bands and churches. This is my private life... practicing for a gig, this weekend it will go public!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kook and proud

Ever have an idea that just bombs? My plan was to make a picture of myself pass for a mannequin. I wanted to photo shop it to really look like a window stiff. But it got later and later and I am out of time. On to the story.. "Kook" is a somewhat derogatory term used (usually by youth skaters) to refer to skaters over thirty years old, particularly over thirty Skaters who wear pads and a helmet. I'm kook an I'm proud. AND I am posed like a mannequin! What could be better??? I'll tell ya... Years ago I placed a banana peal on my head and took a picture, now that.... THAT was cool! Q: What does it all mean??? A: I get more eccentric after 1am, good night.

Monday, September 22, 2008

7 days #3

Hey you... wanna see me play the drums? Here ya go! haha!

I have been playing professionally for ten years or so. I started playing drums in... 86? Mom is that right? Anyway, My Mom said if I took lessons for six months and passed a test she would buy me a drum kit. Long story short the crack head drum teacher ( no, the other crack head drum teacher) showed up for my lesson... almost never. So I set there practicing by myself, teaching myself. I might be a little bitter... I'm over it. :)

7 days day three. Self portrait at the kit. Long exposure obsession. 30 second exposure + $3.99 Energizer keychain L.E.D. from Target = fun. This concept may be pushing the self portrait theme however I was physically in front of the open shutter for thirty seconds. ;)

7 days #2 "Action"

Here is the photo that made the cut for my 7 days photo group for day #2. The theme was action. I usually don't like to incorporate photoshop post work into my photos but I wanted to disguise the location so I applied a radial blur to the house and cars. The other blurs are real. Since I was already in PS is also used De-saturation and levels. Yesterdays shot was strait from the camera. Totally legit. I try to set up the shot to be a winner without PS-CS but today it just needed a little extra pep. I still like this shot.

Self portrait BS

I was looking for a self portrait for my 7 days photo group. Today the theme was "action". This is a timer shot. It is very hard to time this perfect. The camera was just sitting on the deck. I knew it would be hard to stay in frame.

D's Shots

My five year old loves to shoot photos with my Nikon. He is very aware and careful with the equipment. Today while we were skating he wanted to shoot. Here are a few of his shots! Nice job D-boy!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Self portrait for 7 days

I am doing this fun 7 days of self portraits on flickr. Here is my shot for day one.
This is a 30 sec night exposure. I used a tripod and the camera timer. I popped off a flash from my sb-800 and then used the green display on the back of the flash to draw the k. I shot it ten or twenty times. Other versions had the full "Kvon" but I liked the feel and composition of this shot best. ©kvon 2008

Friday, September 19, 2008

close your eyes and poke a hole

As we go into voting season I see the world around me stressing out over politics. Both voting sides seem to think that if the other wins... it will cause the end of world. The whole thing is a catalyst for negativity, but In-spite of this wave of bitterness and fear I find I am the consummate optimist. "If the world ends tomorrow, I guess I wont have to worry about it". See you at the end of the world... aka "the poll". :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A work in progress vol 2

Skateboarding is! Here is a video of some of my less-good (ok not a word) skating. I am tired of not having any visual content to post. I want to document my progress, so I dragged my wonderful wife away from cooking dinner to shoot three minutes of skating. She was holding my sweet daughter in one arm the camera in the other and swatting mosquitos away at the same time. My girl is a super hero! Thanks babe! On the other hand my skating is not where I want it to be, I am low on sleep, I skipped lunch and had poison, I mean coffee. This contributed to my major sketch style in this vid. Oh well it will make later vids look that much better!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Going crazy is

This event is crazy in the fact that... it... never... ends. Yesterday was nonstop physical labor. We loaded in gear, lots of gear, tons of gear... tons of my gear... (I sort-a wish to sell everything and own nothing, but that is a different story). Today is a weird contrast to yesterday. All of our gear is in and working, so now my crew and I just sit here and make sure it keeps going. But this is no ordinary three hour rock show.... no this just keeps going... its the energizer bunny of gigs. Originally they booked me for 72 hours strait but when they found out we would be here a day early (to set up) they decided to tack on another twelve hours or so. So yeah.. these people are a little crazy. They are nice crazy people though and this event, (loco as the concept seems) is effectivly giving attendees freedom to experience it in whatever way feels right to the individual. They do have limits however. Apparently there is no "Naked worship" allowed. I was almost kicked out for that. I said I didn't want anything to come between me and God... but they had other ideas. I really need to get out of here for at least a few minutes! Enjoy the above mac book pro low-fi shots of me and my close friend Seth going stir-crazy in the green room.

The mini fridge IS!

Since this event is 72 hours strait I packed a mini fridge! The mini fridge is only an arms reach from my Sat audio mix station back stage! My awesome wife made sure I was stocked (and stoked) with plenty of great sustenance. Thanks Babe! You are the best of the best things in my life!

Remote blogging is!

I wish I could hang out with my family, skate and play music 24/7 but sleep is good and eating is good... Got to pay the bills! Life requires a house and food. :) I am just thankful that my day jobs (and night jobs) are along the lines of my passion(s) This week I am providing sound reinforcement, some back-line and audio mixing for live webcast and Satellite broadcast of an event that will go 72 hours with out break. Our client is a huge church in Colorado Springs. We have a lot of clients that are churches. I don't mind. They are often more polite than bar owners and the events are non-smoking. :) Here is a Mac book pic of me at the sat broadcast mix station. I am using two of my Roland VS-2480's for mixing. The 2480 is designed for recording but I like the the features for live mixing things like sat and web broadcast. I'll post some more pics of our gear and adventures later.

Friday, September 5, 2008

A work in progress

Here is a video aptly titled "A work in progress". It seems like everything in my life is a work in progress. In music I am working diligently to grow my playing and writing abilities. The backing track to this vid is one of my experimental compositions from several months ago. I wanted to do a exercise, building on a steady vibe without changing the foundational part, in this case the bass guitar. There are really only two instruments used, a USA jazz bass and a Gibson Les Paul standard. I spontaneously laid down the bass line and then layered on a few guitar tracks. It is much like a gesture sketch in figure drawing. Skating is also a work in progress for me. The video tells the story in super slow motion. I am open to any tips or perspective from anyone so, please feel free to share!