Friday, September 19, 2008

close your eyes and poke a hole

As we go into voting season I see the world around me stressing out over politics. Both voting sides seem to think that if the other wins... it will cause the end of world. The whole thing is a catalyst for negativity, but In-spite of this wave of bitterness and fear I find I am the consummate optimist. "If the world ends tomorrow, I guess I wont have to worry about it". See you at the end of the world... aka "the poll". :)


sarahgrace said...

Well, from somebody who is old enough to be president himself, I think that is a pretty profound insight. I'm not going to close my eyes and vote for this election, but I will write your name in- except, I really have no desire to be first lady. Ha ha!

Nikoli said...

No skateboarding in the White House dude. :( So screw it. And I don't believe it will be the end of the world no matter who wins... I'll just say if McCain wins, he'd better not fkn die.

Kvon said...

I promise tax cuts for the middle class and incentive for small business. It would be a very uncomfortable four years for our education system and fortune 500 companies. Most of all I would work hard to make my job obsolete. My slogan would be "It is time for America to evolve past government". At the end of my term the power and the responsibility would be in the hand of the individuals. The term "Govern" would be replaced with the term "coordinate". I would get rid of most laws. Churches would loose their 501C3. No one eats for free and no one works for peanuts. The term politically correct would receive public mocking. If I didn't make people angry enough to get off their complacent butts and do something great with their life I would consider my opportunity in office to be a failure at which time I would lament for two seconds before scooting off to find the next great adventure. Every person would be given respect but no one would be respected above anyone else. Bla, bla, bla... It's time to shut up and skate! YA! ;)