Saturday, September 20, 2008

Self portrait for 7 days

I am doing this fun 7 days of self portraits on flickr. Here is my shot for day one.
This is a 30 sec night exposure. I used a tripod and the camera timer. I popped off a flash from my sb-800 and then used the green display on the back of the flash to draw the k. I shot it ten or twenty times. Other versions had the full "Kvon" but I liked the feel and composition of this shot best. ©kvon 2008


a9 said...

Wow! This is awesome! Everything in the shot is great, the way you're standing, the position of the k, the ramp. Sweet.

Kvon said...

Glad ya dig it lil bro! The cartoon-e-ness of the shadow, the supernova on my hand and the secondary spot below my feet were factors for me picking this shot. pic-geek ALERT! haha!