Monday, September 22, 2008

Self portrait BS

I was looking for a self portrait for my 7 days photo group. Today the theme was "action". This is a timer shot. It is very hard to time this perfect. The camera was just sitting on the deck. I knew it would be hard to stay in frame.


cher said...

Hard to stay in frame? But that is dead center---side to side

Kvon said...

I tried this four or five times, I lucked out on the timing the third shot, the ones after that didn't work. :)

Jeff said...

DIY timer shots are no joke but very rewarding (as you see here). Nice Work!
I haven't put the 9x32 together yet but I will post as soon as it is assembled. Waiting on the right wheels (I'm thinking 60mm Bullets or OJ street razors).
Thanks for looking!