Thursday, September 25, 2008

7 days, day 5 "Public Private"

Day 5 "Public private" is that Public vs. private or make private public??? Apparently perception is up for discussion within the art form.

Once again I find myself with less time than I desire. Think about that for a moment... mmmm-k. I work nonstop. Aside from the day job and my small recording studio business I have a collection of other gigs going on. I have always been able to find an angle for getting paid to do what I love. With five mouthes to feed I have to make every job count. At times I am a hired gun, a paid musician whose job is to show up looking and sounding like I have been a part of the band from day one. Oh, it's humble really, I don't play for anyone BIG mostly small club bands and churches. This is my private life... practicing for a gig, this weekend it will go public!

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Anonymous said...

That has to be the coolest hi hat stand I've ever seen :)