Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remote blogging is!

I wish I could hang out with my family, skate and play music 24/7 but sleep is good and eating is good... Got to pay the bills! Life requires a house and food. :) I am just thankful that my day jobs (and night jobs) are along the lines of my passion(s) This week I am providing sound reinforcement, some back-line and audio mixing for live webcast and Satellite broadcast of an event that will go 72 hours with out break. Our client is a huge church in Colorado Springs. We have a lot of clients that are churches. I don't mind. They are often more polite than bar owners and the events are non-smoking. :) Here is a Mac book pic of me at the sat broadcast mix station. I am using two of my Roland VS-2480's for mixing. The 2480 is designed for recording but I like the the features for live mixing things like sat and web broadcast. I'll post some more pics of our gear and adventures later.


asylum9 said...

Hey, This is an awesome pic!
If you're bored, or need a break, check out my latest vid.

Kvon said...

Man I was so bummed that I forgot my Nikon! I dig your new video bro!