Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The weather outside is delightful! 12-27-10

WOW! The weather has been unseasonably warm. 50+ degrees every day! P,A and Andrew came to visit the day after Christmas. Great weather and the best lil sibs ever make for an epic winter session. Two sessions today in fact. We hit the ramp once in the morning then again after taking the kids to Bananas fun park. Fantastic day!

PJ Slashing!

Kvon Backside. Some things never change.

Andrew, A.K.A. "Keanu"

Andrea kick'n.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

One NEW song EVERY Sunday in 2010!!!

I am writing and posting one NEW song EVERY Sunday in 2010! The songs will be available for purchase on Facebook as singles. Albums will be available on itunes say... every twelve weeks. You can listen to full songs on myspace. Here are links:
HAIL THE SOUND on myspace
HAIL THE SOUND on facebook

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Artistic expression

From the looks of my blog I have been doing quite a bit of photography. It's true, "shutter-bug" is my middle name... or something. Back to topic: 2010 means a new year and new focus on the artistic things that define part of "kevin". Why leave the camera on a shelf when you can be clicking away! I had an opportunity to work with the lovely Sarah on a shoot. Above are three of my favorite shots from the shoot.

The Ring flash goes back.

I purchased an Alien Bees Ring flash a few weeks ago for my photography set up. The Ring Flash gives you some crazy cool effects but it has to be plugged in to a wall outlet. The Ring flash is mounted directly to your camera so the cable to wall makes you feel like a dog on a chain. To further complicate things my so called big feet tend to catch stray wireing at random. I don't want my shoot to turn into a pull over, knock down session. In short, I sent the ring flash back and will likely purchase a conventional b800 flash head from Alien bees instead. Below are a couple examples of the ring flashes effect. ps You know what they say about big feet right ... "Big shoes".