Sunday, September 27, 2009

10,839 feet above sea level! Color Sunday 2009

My kiddos.

Princess S.

The kids with Grandma (my mom).

Smile boys!

They were disipointed to find out we had no plans to take this boat out on the lake.

The D man.

Two boys and a boat.

Big B.

Big B.
"I told you so" ... that's what she said. She in this case is my sweet wife. She told me I would be sorry I did not bring my 5d mark II on our little expidition. Color Sunday is sure to be a photo op. I decided to bring our old camera, it's lighter and smaller but not up to the level of the 5d mark II. In the end the sb800 flash saved the day. Here are a few pics of my family!


ol bean said...

It's your composition skills that make the biggest difference, as opposed to the camera (IMO).
And your skills always shine!!
Great subject matter, as well!
Nice job!

Kvon said...

Thanks ol bean! I have to remember to take the camera everywhere... it is always rewarding! :) Hope you are having a wonderful day!