Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rocktober 09

October 2009
In a effort to get back on board with my blog I have prepared a little October 2009 recap. This is how it all went down... at least this is the way I remember it. The names are the same because no one is innocent. Bam! October started with the fall 7 days self portrait shoot out. & days is a photo group I belong to over on flick-r. here are my entries:

This was my day pic. Flikr actually used this pic as a "feature pic" what ever that means. All I know is it got a lot of extra hits as a result.

This was my day two pic. People in the group said this pic scared them.

I missed day three this was day four. I wanted a silhouette with the soft box in the shot... well there ya go.

I missed day five and seven here is day six. Long exposure at dusk, cell phone... yep.

October 09 continued on. The leaves turned and then fell. I did a few photo shoots fro friends and did a ton of local Television commercial production. As usual I started a few musical compositions and practiced electric guitar like a mad man. It was much of what you would expect from a Kvon October. What I did not see coming was a 24 hour stomach bug and the uh.. swine flu!?!? These inconvenient illnesses hit me one week apart, each put me on my back with less than enough strength to move and BOTH had their low point on Saturday. I have a gig every saturday playing guitar at a church that has about 3000 members. yep, I played two gigs totally sick as a dog, I learned first hand the true meaning of "The Show MUST go on". On top of all that my whole family got hit with said illnesses. No fun... no fun at all! Since we were sick we stayed in on Halloween and watched "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown". We are over the sick stuff now. Hopefully we have the immune system of super heros!

The boys are very talented, they draw and create all kinds of lego masterpieces. The other night when I was tucking B in he informed me that he is "a genius" to which I replied " yes, yes You are"

I purchased a line 6 M9 in October and love it. If you play guitar, get one... or two.
I still have a weak spot for Gibson les paul standard guitars. I have been watching ebay and saving my money.

I organized my garage and my studio.

I have a plan to tear down my ramp and build a full on vert backyarder!

D is doing very well at his new school.

Mommy is going into labor any day now.

We got hooked on Battle Star Galactica and then I got mad at it and for now I have very little interest in watching it any more.

I met some cool producers here in Happy valley.

I watched my Kook friends awesome coverage of their awesome trip to Cali to skate with Cab.

I decided persons on Social security are not allowed to send spam emails bad mouthing other government systems. I don't believe in government, I just believe in me.

I learned that the simple rebellious saying "Shut up and skate" is profound and may be the answer to 48.6 percent of the worlds problems.

So that was my October 09. It came to pass and pass it did... with the joy and fragrance of a good flatulation and ya know what... MAN do I feel better! :)


sarahgrace said...

I love your stinkin' hilariousness, and I DO mean stinkin! ;-)

Nikoli said...

When you're slidin' into home and your shorts are full o' foam... :)

Welcome back to the land of those who can trust a fart. ;)

We missed you in Cali for sure. It was INSANE!

Good luck with delivery Momma!

Kvon said...

lol! Thanks nik! Next year! YA!

Devin said...

These pics are flippin' awesome. I set the monkey man one as my desktop. good stuff