Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Facebook notes vol 1

I have decided to included some of my facebook musings here on my blog. Facebook notes vol 1:

11-18-09 10:34am
Shea is vocal training me and it is working!  But I have a long way to go still. I can hit notes real well but holding them is tuff. I over correct and over correct. Vox really are just like any instrument: takes tons of practice. Thoughts? Advice?

11-18-09 10:20am
I think I want to get a piano for the living room.... maybe.

11-17-09 6:07pm
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Rory Grace! Eight pounds two ounces! She is a princess! :)

11-17-09 9:02am
...working on my 2009 album. (narrowing it down from around 50 songs. What will make the cut?) ...waiting for a new baby. ... wishing it would warm up so I could skate. ...wishing it would snow (in the mtns) so we could shred (after the new baby comes). My thankfulness increeses exponentially.

11-16-09 11:16pm
Kevin Decker is.

11-14-09 10:02pm
Working on my songs! Wrote two this week. stoked. Over the past few years I have developed a thing for orchestration.

11-13-09 11:44pm
I always want to do everything at the same time.

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