Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hail the Sound

I purchased the Adobe production premium software bundle. My pockets are empty but I have this killer software. Don't know if I will get the full benifit of this powerful platforme but for now I am delighting in the camera raw update that comes with photoshop CS4. It has enabled me to open a few ".cr2" photos that were taken at the best ever Hail the Sound gig. Me, my sister, brother and cousin had the opertunity to rock together. We're a family band! At least we were, for one shining moment! Now the sibs have gone off to collage and my cuz has been consumed by the City. Cuz is a 911 dispatcher and for the moment has no life outside of the PD. "crrrk we have a 411 on the nothing is blog... over. crrrk". "crrk rodger that. crrk". Side note: one of our other friends on the force was bass player and co conspiritor in ,SMA. SMA was a killer band that I was in some years back the likes of wich the world will never see again. Liten to SMA Here. End side journy. Hail the sound is now pretty much just me, doing my Trent Reznor thing wrighting tons of music and wondering if the world will ever care. At the front part of 2009 Hail had the opertunity to open for Autumns Chase another cool band in which I loved playing drums. End second side note. Here are some cool pics taken by my friend Seth from Hoptocopter at the infamous Hail show earlier this year.

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