Monday, June 22, 2009

Old Kook Skating... Magazine???

There is something cool about a magazine. When I was younger my mom would take me to the grocery store. I would hit the magazine isle while she shopped. Those were good times. There was a wealth of knowledge in those pages, they made my world bigger, more exciting! I read BMX action, BMX plus and eventually Thrasher and Transworld Skateboarding. Some times I would switch things up with a Hit Parader or Black Belt, the mag for the suburban Ninja! I fantasized about being on the cover of BMX or skateboarding magazines. Enough back story. Recently I did some basement layout work for a fictitious mag called Old Kook Skating. Old Kook Skating mag is based on a website with the same name. There are lots of skate forums out there, I belong to many of them but Old Kook has an innocent purity that puts your finger right on the pulse of what I believe to be the true essence of skateboarding. It's not about being "core" it's about the very act of shoving the earth and its gravitational pull away from you and rolling. Just roll away! I conclude this post with two mock up "covers" for a magazine that lives in my soul! Old Kook Skating dot com!


ol bean said...

What's the cover price in the USA/Canada?
Looks like world famous Old Kooks on the cover!
What are the Advertising rates?

Nikoli said...

Whatta KOOK! ;)

Kvon said...

Cover price: It's free both in the US and Canada but advertising and product placement prices vary. LOL!

cher said...

Love the magazine covers! Fade em frame em slap em on the wall - get your own photo on the cover..... the possibilities are endless!

Kvon said...

I can be a legend in my own mind! ...again! lol.

soulsk8r said...

thank you kvon, for waxing poetic about our forum, and for choosing to make yourself at home there; you're one reason why it's so special to all of us!