Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Working on it. #3 060909

A few days ago I reached my next step to invert style. I am grabbing after the wheels cross the coping. This will help me work this trick up to larger transitions and vert. I am also working on the madonna and a trick I call a 3/4 cab pivot. Additionally we are getting used to the new firmware "1.1.0" in our Canon 5d markII(s). 1.1.0. allows full manual control over the video features in the 5d markII. It's a whole new world for us with the 5d markII! We are stoked!

Mulberry brigade from kvon on Vimeo.

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subSANITY said...

Yeah! Nice style! that invert was priceless! I noticed you're rockin' a new helmet there. Is that a custom design like your board?