Sunday, June 7, 2009

Laguna Beach 6-02-09

We had a fun but short visit with my wife's Grand Parents in Ventura,CA last Monday night, I regret that I left the camera in the car and forgot to take any pictures. The next morning we got up, grabbed a continental breakfast and headed out to Orange ,CA. There I met up with Skate Mom icon Claudia H. to skate the Vans Combi bowl. Again... I failed to take pictures at this fun event. Later that afternoon we checked into the Double Tree in Orange. After enjoying our 11th story view we set off to Laguna beach to meet up with My Wife's second cousin.
These parking meters accept credit cards!

My little princess!


My wife's 2nd cousin jazz and Derek


The boys.



Big B.


D said he was "Free Running"

"hey b... The SAND CRAB is gonna get ya!"

Tree boys!

Check out our Mysterious moves!

Chillin in Laguna, wish you were here!


ol bean said...

What grrrrreat pics! Looks like you all had a fantastic time!!

Nikoli said...

Dig it!

cher said...


Kvon said...

We had a wonderful time for sure! I want to go back... right now!