Thursday, April 26, 2012

Big Lizard[s] in my Backyard.

I love where I live. Growing up here I really took it for granted. Now there are miles and miles of world class mountain bike trails less than five minutes from my house.
Single track, sandstone and million dollar views abound right in my backyard!
I'm not the only one who loves this place, I share the trail with the lizards. These cute little guys are getting fat and colorful. They were scurring accros the path often today. I wanted to get a picture of one and I tried many times but they would dart off to the cover of the rocks before I could get my iphone out. I gave up and headed for home. On the last hundred yards of the trail I spotted a biker speeding toward me. We were both on the same single track headed right toward each other so I decided to step off the track to let him pass. I got off of my bike and moved over. Right then this friendly reptile darts accros the track and leaps onto my tire! I must have looked crazy awkward with my iphone in one hand and my bike in the other trying to take the picture one handed but this little guy just hung out and posed!
The whole time I was riding today I had the DEAD MILKMAN classic stuck in my head. Big Lizard in my back yard was the first punk rock cassette I ever had. Ed Johnson traded it to me in math class and the rest is history.

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