Tuesday, September 4, 2007

What? about kev

I love music. I think I have written some where in the neighborhood of 50 songs in the last two years. I am always trying to get better. I am always fighting frustration. My biggest project is myself. I don't want to pass my frustration on to my kids. I use everything in my life as motivation. I am trying to relax. I enjoy a glass of cabernet to assist, but I will never rely on wine to relax. I believe there is more. I think God is different, bigger, better than church. I think we know less than we could imagine. I have no desire to argue religion or politics... I'll right a song and crank it to 11! I have no person on a pedestal. I am very thankful. I take nothing for granted. I am perplexed by the shortness of life. I am looking forward to not worrying. I want to build a vert ramp and catch big backside airs! I want to spend more time with my kids. I want to snowboard more with my wife. I want to tour the world. I want to play concerts at all the great venues. I want to discard bad habits and form new good practices.


einefeistyberg said...

your blog site may become a kind of mini home for other musicians; you express so artistically.

einefeistyberg said...

What lofty (no that sounds too pretentious) What soaring goals!
You have the gifts - continue to fly!

Hey, it is finally accepting my posts!

NastyPredator said...

Hi there -- sorry I'm posting this right here (couldn't find your e-mail address).

I have been deeply inspired by your blog and now have started to write my own. I would be happy to have a few regular readers and therefore ask you if we could do a "link exchange"?

Please let me know whether you are interested. I live in Switzerland and am excited to find out if I can join the English speaking bloggers' community.



my blog is http://nastypredator.blogspot.com (the design is constantly improved :-) )

sarahgrace said...

I like this post. I think I may do one myself. Good stream of consciousness.

Love you!

Melanie said...

Those are wonderful goals. I don't think I'd personally go for the snowboarding, though. I hate falling too much. LOL

Hopefully I'll get to hear you play sometime soon.

sarahgrace said...

dude...you need to post more...
hee hee. Love you!