Friday, October 31, 2008

Up for grabs?

Calling all skaters! Your opinion counts! "NAME THAT GRAB!"
Lets make this a formal introduction to the whole thumb abusing gang and their positions on board. ( Do you like my handy chart?) Slap me with skateboard grabbing terminology, add to my list of bad puns and dimwitted humor or share a related story. Note: Grand Mothers read my blog, so keep it PG13.

Seems I left out half of the skate race by only posting a "Regular" stance chart. Shame on me! BAD KVON! Heres a chart for all the goof balls out there! ;)


meyourmama said...

Kvon= always practicing, practicing: graphic arts, photoshoots, music (specifically rock and innovative), sk8ing.....A picture paints a thousand words and you keep getting the personalities and photo bios right on the money.
Have you considered a new profesion: PhotoBiographer

sarahgrace said...

Well then, PG13 means we can drop one good F-Bomb. ;-)

Nikoli said...

An amusing blog entry regarding the F-bomb...

Anyway... let's see... this will be difficult for a Goofy footer looking at kooky regular footer charts...

nope, this will take some time... will post my answers later...

Kvon said...

Check out the goofy chart! Wow! That looks confusing to me... now I know how all the goofy guys feel looking at the Regular chart. Makes my brain hurt! :)

Nikoli said...

Ok, let's see here... my interpretations are...
1. Melon (if BS) Lien (if FS)
2. Backside - (don't know if you grab there and turn that FS)
3. Nose grab
4. Still looks like a Nose grab
5. Mute
6. Tail - Thank you Captain Obvious. Your welcome.
7. Indy (if BS) Stinkbug (if FS) (I say Indy no matter what, but that'll get me a beat down in some circles - i.e. SkateandAnnoy - there's apparently no such thing as a fs Indy)
8. Seatbelt
9. Crail
10. Stalefish

*5 and 7 are also labeled differently depending on whether your arm goes between or around your knees

But dude, this could be so many different things... is it an air on a half pipe, a straight launch, fs/bs 180, half cab, to tail, to fakie, take a foot off, invert, etc. etc. etc. You ask too much of your 3 skater readers and family of pedestrians. LOL! Melon Farmer!

Put that chart on a popsicle stick board, and all bets are off...

Kvon said...

Ouch Nik! LOL! The truth hurts! :) My readers are quality not quantity! ;) I was wondering what a Crail grab was.

Though my list is incomplete here it is. I poached the first two terms from MC.

1. Andrecht grab (roast beef if between legs?)
2. Valdez grab
3. nose grab
4. ?
5. Mute? (hand can go between legs, then what?)
6. Tail (what if you reached back with lead hand to grab tail!!!)
7. frontside grab toward front, Indy grab if hand is further back.
8. ?
9. ?
10.? I know you can do stalefish behind legs or stiffy between legs.

So you see why I am looking for help with terminology! I will have to revisit ye'ol skateboard mags from yester year. Thanks for playing along everyone.