Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fall pictures at Grandma's

The feel of perfect. The place where tempeture and humidity join together with ambiance to make weather that is unimaginably nice. Ah yes another woderful weekend has come and gone. Work, play and pictures! I wanted to do a photo shoot at Grandma's house but due to the busy schedule I forgot all about it. In fact, I was deep into another project when P reminded me about the pictures. I really wanted to get some shots. The fall surroundings will likely disappear by next week. With that in mind, we drove all the way back across town to get the Camera gear. By the time we returned to G-ma's and got set up It was getting late in the afternoon. The perfect weather was changing quickly. Foreboding clouds approached from the west. My light blew over, my kids wouldn't cooperate and my wife was tired. Challenges were plentiful but we persevered and got a few cool pics. Some of the pictures are not exactly what I had in mind but ya know... I like 'em anyway!

Thanks to P for taking the shots of me and my crew.


Nikoli said...

Nice job grumpy gus! ;)

Jeff said...

Nice Shots K!