Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What's on your Pandora Radio? may be my most enjoyed web find of 2008. If you don't use pandora then I highly recomend you check it out. You can make your own radio stations easliy and quickly. My current top five radio stations are:
1. Morcheeba
2. Duran Duran
3. Ulrich Schnauss
4. Thievery Corporation
5. General Midi

I highly recomend that you try these when you are ready to chill, groove style!

What are YOUR top five stations and why?


sarahgrace said...

Well... since you asked,currently mine are
1. Feist
2. Morcheeba
3. Dave Matthews
4. Baby Got Back
5. Mae

a9 said...

dirty harry
project 86
rides again