Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ham'n it up in the sunset, with my Dad!

My Dad is the greatest! If ya don't believe me... just ask my boys! We don't get to see papa as often as we would like... so we make the most of the time that we get. I dragged out my light kit and and convinced the family to humor me with a few poses. We did a few standard family shots and then my Dad and I decided to have some fun.
photos and all content ©kvon 2009


ol bean said...

Great, GRRRRREAT Fun!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kev---

Some fun pics here of you and your dad! You're always super creative! We really enjoyed seeing several pics of you and your growing family at the pool at Ol Bean's. Beau's diving form looks like some miniature professional diver launching into space in Acupulco! You guys are a hoot! Love to you and Sarah, Drew, Beau, Selah and #4 on the way!!!!
Uncle Kev and Mom Decker

Kvon said...

Hey kev and Grandma Goose! Good to hear from you! I miss you!