Thursday, August 23, 2007

Autumns Chase photo Dorsey Coe

Autumns Chase had a meeting last night. For ruffly 8 months we have enjoyed a relatively relaxed approach to the band. Now it has reached that point where everyone is either wanting to quit or get serious. I enjoy playing in Autumns Chase. I have more than my share of other musical projects going on and I have to turn down offers weekly. So, going into the meeting I was to be happy either way. Everyone seems to want to take Autumns Chase to the next level. Cool! It will be interesting to see what this great group of guys accomplishes together. You can check out older stuff from Autumns Chase at We should have some new stuff up in a week or two.

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Katy M. Savage said...

Go for it! You gotta give chase, man. It's great to see others out there really pursuing their dreams. I wish you guys the best! Hey if you ever want some of your songs on a podcast in Cali, we'd love to have you!