Monday, February 2, 2009

The old night job is...

Nik-O was right... I am fired from blogging! lol! Shame on me for not posting in so long... I let both of my readers down... hahaha! Actually I have been wanting to post for quite some time... there is too much to post really.

Heres the run down. Since my last post I have...

1. Lost my day job of 10 years
2. started my own company
3. had an influx of crazed clients
4. billed more $ in one month then than I did previously in two working for the man.
5. taken on more studio work than is legal in most states
6. innovated new time to spend with my kids.
7. enjoyed tiny moments with my family as hours
8. skated any time possible
9. learned to push, ride, kick turn, tick-tack, shuv-it and ollie switch! SWITCH!!! HECK YA!
10. taught my boys to push ride and bail!
11. Helped my awesome wife throw two rage'n parties for our 6 year old!
12. went to Winter X-Games in Aspen
13. produced several jingles for local businesses
14. made countless TV commercials for local businesses.
15. worked more than my share of 18 hour plus days.
16. killed almost two bags of ice-melt
17. prospered in the face of economic downturn thanks to the grace of God, a positive attitude and good old fashion, NON-stop HARD work!

It's times like these ya learn to live again.... Look out world, I'm punch drunk and ready to tear it up! Sorry, I have also been watching Nitro Circus... I had better stay off the chocolate.
It's good to be back. I snapped a crappy picture of the new office. I hope the new year is treating all of you well!


Nikoli said...

Holy Shit! DUDE! That sucks, but also soooo much more awesome than sucky! That's a hellacious amount of work and life for just one month... now suddenly, I feel rather inadequate. :/ Only one party for the kiddo, and, um, oh yea, I worked out. Twice. Oh, and I snowboarded.

Glad to see a post, but damn dude. Have a seat and a beer on me. Good luck with the "new" jobby job! Sounds like things are rollin' well for ya.

Kvon said...

Hey Nikoli, I forgot to say thanks for the comment on the last post. I needed a little push to post! :) I had been unblogged for so long... I was looking for a window to reenter the atmosphere! Life is Awesome! I am stoked and racing to achieve balance!

Sounds like you have been up to lots of cool stuff! Working out, Snowboarding! Heck YA man!

kilwag said...

Sorry to hear you lost your job, glad you are making a go of it. Sprinkle some of that magic dust over here. - from another un-employment statistic.

Nikoli said...

You too Kilwag!? Damn. My wife too (since last summer)...

Freakin' financial bubble burstin' and chit...

'Tis a crazy world, but at least it all holds promise, in the eyes of our children.

ol bean said...

You are one busy dude!! Nice pic of the office. I like it! You'll do grrrrreat with your new direction. "Heck YA man!" I assume that's something like a "high-five." :-)

Kvon said...

Thanks for the great word everyone.
Life is good!

Jeff said...

Dang. I don't check in for a few weeks and "Everything falls apart" like the Husker Du song. Glad to hear you've made the best of it.