Saturday, February 21, 2009

Walmart steps up!?!?

My facebook page says "Kevin is... feeling unusually fond of walmart" and its true. Here's the story: Today at the mall I scored a nice pair of DC shoes on the sale rack at zumies for $29. Later we stopped by walmart to get some supplies. I wandered into the shoe isle and tried on a pair of McGill's (airspeed). They fit great. They were very comfortable and priced much less than the sale DC's. I didn't buy them, I am too vain (or maybe just broke from buying the DC's). I wonder how they would hold up on the board. I may have to try a pair out. I did however, make a skate purchase at walmart for which I am stoked.
Check out this kiddie pad set complete with wrist guards. Unlike most kid pads, these are totally legit. They appear to be made to use. They fit my kids well. The caps are thick plastic with extra padding. At only $10 per set I was happy to outfit both my boys. Kooks in training.;) "PAD 'EM UP!"

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