Thursday, February 19, 2009

When the going gets tough, the tough buy more toys!

My kids are always stealing my skate. They all have boards of their own but "Daddy's rides better". I don't blame them, I can set up a good stick. So now I'm going crazy riding the "crappy board" while everyone else fights over my A,B,and C setup. Today I took matters into my own hands. Armed with the Mastercard, we packed the whole family into the Suburban and set off for the local skate shops. I scored two sets of 78a's for the boys. I got a set of zip zingers and a set of Satori's. I was hoping that 78a's would be real smooth on the street. They are not bad. The smaller diameter and narrow width makes them relatively ruff. I think they will work for my kiddos. Next I will find some bushings that are soft enough for the kids to turn. The master plan includes a mini size deck for each kid.

The best part of the night was teaching my boys how to switch out their wheels. Now my sweet daughter wants her own skate. :)


sarahgrace said...

She wanted her own skate before she could walk. ;-)

ol bean said...

My, what a courageous project!

Bushings... $$
Zingers... $$$
Satori's... $$$
78a's... $$$
Mini Decks... $$$
Memories............ Priceless!
Thank goodness, there's MasterCard.
(Proud sponsor of Kvon Skate Park)


Nikoli said...

My kids are always stealing my skate gear... what a horrible problem to have. ;)

Kvon said...

Excuses to buy more gear are everywhere!!!! YA!