Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Because I like it that much.

I am a big fan of Trent Reznor... um maybe a better term would be "student". The guy is hyper creative, original, driven, ideaistic and he is not afraid to get a little crazy to make a point. NIN is on tour with Jane's Addiction. Add that to the list of great shows I missed. Two of my all time favorite bands together on one stage.

For a few weeks I have been really into the NIN song "The beginning of the end". It is featured on the beginning of the Bird house skateboards video called... ehem The Beginning The sequence is awesome. It looks like a Red One shot piece including epic slow-mo of Shaun White, Jean Postec and Mr. H. The seen goes over the top when mother nature arrives in the form of a mini tornado! I.M.H.O. The crew missed an opertunity for skate chaos ala Tony Hawk throwing a 900 through the tornado while the crew flees in terror... all in mega-mo of course! That would have been uber-epic! But it is still a great segment.

Last week my lil brother downloaded a remixable garage band file of NIN's "The Beginning of the end" and did his own little remix. Its sick! [That link is A9's myspace page you will have to select the NIN remix from the play list but first check out some of A9's tunes ;)] I really wanted to do my own remix but I was too scatter brained to search for it so I just built my own version from the ground up. Yes,my own tribute remake of NIN's "The Beginning of the end". All parts programed or recorded by Kvon. No loops baby. Its not perfect but it's fun. Here it is, Have a listen!



ol bean said...

I listened to the beginning of your remix, but it was soon the end. :-) Seriously, nice job!

Kvon said...

:) cool! Thanks for listening! :)