Thursday, June 5, 2008

Music Wednesday (on Thursday)

I didn't get this post in yesterday like I had hoped. Music is one of those things that is hard for me to talk about (now my wife is laughing hysterically). I have SO much to say about music that I don't even know where to begin. Call this post an attempt to organize my thoughts into a crooked line of misfits.
Without any further ado here are ten (this one goes to eleven) albums that have shaped the Vekster's musical taste.

1. Def Leppard, Pyromania
One fifth grade day while riding the bus to christian school I found myself ordered to the front of the bus as punishment for questionable behavior. Mr. Miller the bus driver / principle must have felt a little bad for scolding me. He cleared his throat and made a cavalier attempt to relate. "So, what is your favorite song?" he exclaimed while making a sweeping bus turn onto Broadway. "Rock of ages" I stated with the excitement of a cow in mid graze. "Ooo that's a REAL goodie!" he asserted. I had to snicker. He was referring to the famous hymn and I was referring to Def Motha frekin Leppard! Pyromania was the first full album I owned (sort of). My friend dubbed me a tape from his record.
2. Duran Duran, Rio
I have many fond memories of riding that bus to Cornerstone Christian School. One day a cute classmate turned to her friend and said "Simon Le Bon's voice is soooo sexy!" That was it... I have been a Duran Duran fan ever since.

3. The Beastie Boys, License to Ill
This album changed everything. I bought the record from a kid at school. I made a dub tape for my walkman. I used to ride my Skyway TA out the airport and back listening to that tape over and over. My favorite song was "The New Style"

4. Dead Kennedys, Give me convenience or give me death.
"Hello, I'm punk rock, I'm going to destroy everything... so we can start over... and maybe do it all right this time". Punk Rock is misunderstood, misinterpreted, misappropriated... and I LIKE IT! Life Sentence is by far my favorite track. The words are so fitting. I have been known to do a pretty good Jello impression.
5. The Cure, Standing on the beach
The Cure, The Smiths, New order, Depeche mode. I listened to a lot of Collage radio through this time. I skated, I played drums in a few bands. I drove a Subaru wagon. Good days!
6. The Cult, Electric
I hear this album and I think "Summer" (the season). The whole album Rocks ( except for the last song) Possibly the most listened to album I have ever owned. I want to learn Duffy's solo on "love removal machine". I have tried to cop it but somthing is not quite right. Someday I'll get it down.
7. Jane's Addiction, Nothing's Shocking
When you hear the intro to mountain song, you just go "YES!!!" "Down the beach" Is an audio picture. The bass guitar work on this album is so musical and signature. I love to play along to this album on bass guitar.
8. Nine Inch Nails, Pretty Hate machine
Trent Reznor: another one on my list of people I would like to work with. The first time I heard this album I was hooked. It was permanintly installed in the tape deck for several months.

9. Helmet, meantime
This album is rock. Its hard, musical, unique, flawed, real and it's the best music to go with a good day of snowboarding.
10. Mute Math, Mute Math
Mute Math is the most creative group of musicians in the world today. the only thing wrong with this album is that they did not re-release "Reset" again on this album. Mute Math possess a supernatural ability to take you on a journey of epiphany.

11. Oingo Boingo, Boingo Alive
Danny Elfman. Danny Elfman. And then there's Danny Elfman. My good friend Travis H introduced me to this band. I thank Travis for much of my musical exposure. I can't think of one band that Travis introduced me to that I didn't like...except for maybe "the meatmen".
Wow, I didnt even get to mention Fugazi, Bad Brains, Public Enemy, skinny puppy, front 242, The Dead Milkmen, mae, orange 9mm, Ulrich Schnauss, The Sex pistols, the Ramones, Midnight oil, Men at work, Bob Mould, nitzer ebb, The Ministry, wall of voodoo, Billy Idol, Uniform Choice, T.S.O.L, G.B.H, the Circle Jerks, Filter or the list goes on forever. Thank God for the Ipod. Now all my music can live together in harmony!

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sarahgrace said...

Is music hard for you to talk about because it's impossible to physically talk that fast?
"Mute Math possess a supernatural ability to take you on a journey of epiphany." -Great description of Mutemath, and too true.