Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Nostalgia Tuesday

In an effort to stay regular with my posting, (more fiber in my post diet?) I have come up with themes for each day of the week. Monday, I will have the "Goal Post". Tuesday I will have "Nostalgia Tuesday" and Wednesday... well I haven't thought it through that far yet, So we'll see what good things Wednesday has in store when it gets here!

This week I have a picture of me (circa 1987-ish) on my old ghetto ramp at 191 T-son Road.

This is some variation of a front-side grind (my skate terms are not what they used to be). I was about fourteen or fifteen in this picture. You can see I loved Tracker Trucks. I skated Tracker exclusively for years. Why? Who knows. I liked them. I also really liked that Sims Jeff Phillips deck (R.I.P. Jeff). The Phillips was the last board I purchased with a focus on art and aesthetics. After the Phillips I only chose boards for function. I often painted over the bottoms as soon as I got them. What a shame. Kids, never ever throw out art completely. There is a balance between art and function that is LIFE.

I kept that old thrashed phillips deck for years. Regrettably I threw it away during our last home move. And to think... I could have dumped it for at least $30 on ebay.


sarahgrace said...

This post makes me smile, as it embodies everything that is you. :-)

Jeff said...

Everything I owned in the 1980's was covered in Tracker stickers. I think we had a friend of a friend working for them (Sarge, Ridge...) I appreciate the pics man.

Kvon said...

Around '87 I heard that Tracker had a lifetime guarantee on there plastic ultra-light base plates. so, I collected about seventeen broken Tracker trucks from friends at school and sent them back to Tracker in a shoe box. Two weeks later a box arrived addressed to me, from Tracker Trucks... they replaced every one for FREE! Funny thing is... I never even once broke one myself.