Friday, June 27, 2008

The Ten Minute Run

Not hardcore, maybe considered anti-Skater attitude... none the less, skating for exercise has benefited me in every area of my life. I started doing this one day when I was home from work for lunch. I didn't have time to pad-up so I just jumped on the ramp and went for it. (I've had my share of skate related injuries and I don't want anymore pain so when I skate without pads I don't try anything.) I skated for ten minutes strait, without stopping. Fakie, pump, kick-turn, Grab kick-turns... after ten minutes my muscles were pounding. Thus the ten minute run was born. This type of workout on a daily basis has given me more energy for full on "pad-up and attack" skate sessions! Try it. It takes discipline to refrain from pulling tricks, but be diligent. Focus on the building / warm up aspect of the Routine. Set aside ten minutes to ride for your health. And quit smoking those @#$% cig's!

About the pic: This is a self portrait using the D-50's timer. Do you know how hard it is to get a timer shot with the skater near the top of the turn? My Body position is weird in the shot because I was trying to float up there as long as I could hoping the flash would pop.


sarahgrace said...


The ten minute run has all kinds of benefits!

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