Monday, June 16, 2008

P's So called ghetto ramp

Ghetto ramp shows up at the best place on earth!
Or maybe it is "The ramp formerly known as ghetto ramp". P dragged this thing all the way from the eastern slope in the back of a U-haul. It was pretty beat up and looked dangerous, so we thought it was a good idea to go ahead and skate it. A few days ago P scrounged together a few extra bucks and bought new masonite surface for the ramp so we had to sess (or "sesh" as P calls it) the ramp today.

In rare form. Ya wont see very many pics of me skating without pads or a helmet.My lil bro rocks!

Ramp art. Turn Jackers BE WHERE!
My sib's are Rock Starz!


kilwag said...

The transition n the right in the top shot looks a little abrupt a the bottom, like it's more of a bank - or is it just the picture?

Kvon said...

Yes. The transition is VERY abrupt. This was my lil bro's first attempt at ramp construction. Originally I thought it was unskatable... (is there such a thing?) It has proved to be fun and very challenging. Its too tight and to small but somehow it still makes for a fun little session. :)