Thursday, July 3, 2008

art...e.. Thursday!

I consider myself an artist. For the most part I struggle with never being satisfied with anything I do. I want to be able to create something fantastic out of everything that comes across my path. I want to produce more, more often. I want to have endless cool things to show my arty friends... ya know... when everyone is sitting around the Mac book pro saying "OH! did you see this [cool thing] I did for a client last week?" YA! Thats fun! Only... I am getting tired of doing my art for clients, I want to start doing it for me. (sticks out tongue, "pffffffffft") Here is a design I did several months ago. Its my #1 girl and I did it for me... and her of course. Now she uses it on her blog. I am very flattered!


sarahgrace said...

Yep...I only go with the best. ;)
Love you.

cher said...

Ya, very flattering for both of you.