Thursday, July 10, 2008

$ too high

A few years back gas hit $2.50 a gallon. Everyone was outraged. I remember pulling into a gas station to fill up. We were on our way to see my sister-in-law in Phoenix. I was shocked at the price for gas "$2.50 per gallon". I took out my camera, leaned down next to the pump handle and clicked a self portrait. The guy filling up behind me laughed out loud, he said "Caption: Look, here's a pic of me, paying $2.50 a gallon for gas in Henderson Nevada hahaha". I laughed as well. He was right, I thought $2.50 was crazy. When I got home I did this picture... my own little protest. The design was made to go onto a t-shirt. Last week I filled up my Toyota Camry's 14 gallon tank... cost me around $60! If my protest inflated as fast as the gas prices... it might be the size of a small moon!


Anonymous said...

You should post the pic from the gas station too!

einefeistyberg said...

Never, Never, Never, forget that history repeats itself. In 1974 we were in San Antonio and driving a Bellaire or other large and gas gusel ling 300 dollar castoff car and we sold it and went to bicycles because gas had just gone over the 50 cent per gallon mark and it was unconscious able to pay that kind of money when one had two good legs and two good lungs.