Monday, July 28, 2008

Out with the old....

I used to grab behind my front heal for about 99% of my backside airs (see first two pics). It always worked great for the "pre-grab" airs of the old days... Last week I decided to change my "go to" backside grab from behind my front heal to the standard "in front of the front heal grab". This works much better with the "late grab". Now, I can get a better pump into the transition and go higher. My goal is the top of the safety rail! (about four feet).

88-ish Little Park ramp

The Little park ramp had amazing views. It blew over during a wind storm. This ramp was later cut down to four feet high, a victum of the mini ramp craze..... what a shame.

Kvon getting comfortable with the new grab. July 27, 2008 Photo P


asylum9 said...

Nice! I cant get enough of the old pics! Looks like a fun ramp!

Kvon said...

That ramp was a blast, I wish I could have had more sessions out there.