Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Nostalgia Tuesday on Wednesday

When you think Moab Utah, Jeep Safari is probably the first thing that comes to mind. You might never have guessed that moab was a favorite skateboarding getaway for me in the late 80's. There was Mr. J's Skate Ramp, lots of quirky street spots, plenty of folk lure and SLICK ROCK, a mass of sandstone earth smooth enough (in places) to skate! There is something real cool about riding a surface that was not built by man!

Here is a pic of me, out on the rock. I loved those old Airwalk hi-tops! circa 1987

Here is a shot of my friend Jeremy P. Jeremy was THE local ripper and our close Moabite friend! circa 1987


sarahgrace said...

We should totally frame that first pic and put it on our wall. :)

sarahgrace said...

I'm loving the tongue action, fanny pack, and rolled pants...hee hee.

ATOM said...

Yeah- the rolled pants did it for me too! ;)
- A

einefeistyberg said...

What? That wasn't just yesterday?

einefeistyberg said...

The black and white makes it look soooo vintage; like you're ready to compete with Ansel Adams or somthin

Kvon said...

It was only yesterday! We did a good job with make-up and wardrobe to capture the era... ;) lol! I don't know who took the shot of me... maybe Gary or Colby or Jim but I took the shot of Jeremy. Both photos were shot on my old Yashika SLR, I loaded the film can, developed the film and printed the shot myself... (photography class in high school). I obviously wasn't very clean technically, but I loved that class.