Monday, July 14, 2008

Nostalgia Tuesday on Monday

I miss launch ramps and I miss the method air!!!! I Love the method air! Here are a few pictures from my archives of our little method airs of the 80's

Me circa 87? Background: Bob J, Joe C, Jim J, John.. NOTE: The Background now is the location of a Super Walmart!

Tim Hartman

Tino, Dan G. in background


Anonymous said...

Nice! I love these! they really capture the era, in my opinion. but I wasn't alive, so I cant really tell. What were they shot with?

Kvon said...

I think my Dad shot two of these with an old Pentax K-1000, an SLR that he later gave to me...oh, I loaned it to Drea for photography class. The pic of Tim... unknown gear, unknown shooter.