Monday, July 7, 2008

Crazy 4th weekend rap up

Well, I guess I kinda overbooked myself (who me?) for the fourth of July. Amidst the quirky mix of fun and stress we were able to take a few fun pictures.

I forgot my tripod and even scoffed at a few people with cameras (I don't believe a fireworks display is something that can legitimately be reproduced in binary code) never the less when the big booming started I raised my camera like a programed zombi. My method of rebellion here was to ignore the fireworks as the focal point.

Self portrait

I forgot I had set my iso at 1600 the night before, consequently my skys are blown out for the next few shots.... AMATEUR. Anyway, here is a shot of our campsite.

Mom, P, Andy and D. What is it with boys and toy guns?

Ouray is!

We packed up and took the the fam to Ridgway to try out the Small Grindline park

D is pushing regular foot pretty well these days.

I am stoked that my girl is lovin skating. I am trying not to stress too much about her safety.

Sar took a few pics of me as well. Concrete just scares me, I definitely take it down several notches from the ramp to the park. FS air..barely at the coping. :(

P didn't let up for the hard crete surface, I made him do this boneless fifteen times to get a shot that I liked. P has been getting good and he is developing his own style!

We finished up the weekend at our ramp. P pulled several front-side rocks! That means he has one trick on me... for the moment ;)

We were exausted the best style was in our funny faces!

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