Monday, March 16, 2009

5293 feet of air...

...above sea level anyway. We took a trip to the mile high city last weekend! We wanted to do something fun with the Family to finish up spring break week. I have been craving VERT and the closest REAL "vert- ramp" is at Woodward indoor skatepark in Denver Colorado. I had vacillated about taking the trip but then I heard that Steve Cabalerro, Christian Hosoi and Tony Alva would be making an appearance at the new VANS store. The news was enough to make me jump off the fence! With four gigs of mp3 sound, my wife, my kids, my brother, my sister and I packed into our suburban and hit the road. Our first stop on Saturday was at Woodward Skatepark. We paid $12 each for two hours and it was worth every penny. The guy at the counter said the Vert ramp was 13 feet tall. It was crazy. We skated for two full hours and then headed over to PEI-WEI for a well deserved feast.

We prayed for a sign... we got one!


"13 feet-whatever... wait... he wasn't kidding!"

Discussing the artistic characteristics of the phallic graffiti on the wall

It has been awhile since I skated something
legit... at first it looked oververt... even though I knew it was just vert.

P contemplates the decision to drop.

P drops first!

K drops.


P bails but I like the pic

"Today we skated, tonight we FEAST!"

Going into it, I really didn't know what to expect. I dreamed of catching big airs and inverts. I dredded a fall. But with focus.. and balls I rode that ramp until I was close friends with the vert! No Mctwist today... but I am SO stoked! Skateboarding is! Vert is!


Nikoli said...

HA! That's some gnar to drop in on 13'. I won't even think about it. And shall I point out the rather phalic placement of P's excess beltage, or leave that to the ladies.

Kvon said...

You would do it Nik! haha! :) Dropping in has been such a necessity that I never noticed how fun it is.. it's the beginning of a ride... RAD!
"Hey P, move yer belt!" :)

ol bean said...

AWESOME!! Awesome... awesome!!! I am plum tickled you got have a weekend that will certainly be a long term memory for you. I'll bet D will be able to share this with you for many years to come. He will remind you of it someday in the future and you will smile - grin - from ear to ear. Remember, someday - today will be a long time ago. :-)

Kvon said...

ah yes ol bean! Someday, today will be a long time ago! :) Time flies when you are having fun! You will have to join us for skatepark fun soon!