Saturday, March 7, 2009

60's Nash Sidewalk Surfboard!?

I scored this cool old NASH Sidewalk Surfboard at an estate sale this morning. Thanks for the tip Mom! ;)

lady at the estate sale claimed she had ridden it when she was very little. From the looks of it, it is of the 60's verity of NASH Sidewalk Surfboards. It is part skateboard, says it is a "Surfboard" but has handlebars like a scooter. The 60's were a crazy time! ;)


Nikoli said...

Score! (though the 60's were "before my time").

Kvon said...

Fo Sho! I should rephrase that... "I am told the sixty's were a crazy time". lol! ;)

ol bean said...

Is that one made by the Gavin Nash Surfboards company in Queensland, Australia?
Company name: Gavin Nash Surfboards
Country: Australia
Territory: Queensland
City: Yeppoon
Zip code: 4703
Street: Shed 3/ 53 Tanby Rd
Telephones: (07) 4925 0665
Type of activity: Producer

While you guys might not remember the 60's, I do! I also remember this type of "scooter." Although my hair is old and gray, I feel like it was only yesterday. Time flies!!!!

Great find!!!!!

Kvon said...

ol bean, I think that is a different "Nash". This Nash, I believe came from the old Nash skateboard factory in Ft. Worth Texas. :)