Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hi, I'm Kvon.

I joined this cool forum for vintage skaters. I am excited to have a little camaRADerie with people who have responsibilities and yet still nurture their love for the ride! I had to post a little about my self in the Noobe section. I thought It might be fun to post here on the blog as well.

Hi everyone! Its good to be here. Since it is kind of hard to avoid narcissism in this particular post I decided to take it over the top with an interview of myself. I caught up to myself a while back here is how it went down:

Me: "So you are kvon"
Kvon: "That's my username, yeah."

Me: When did I start skating?
Kvon: 1985 (years earlier on a plastic GT)

Me: What was my first issue of Thrasher?
Kvon: November 1985

Me: What originally drew you to skateboarding?
Kvon: My Mom would drag me to the grocery store and I would head strait for the magazine rack. I read everything... At first I was into BMX but sometime in the late 80's I fully converted to Skateboarding. In Jr. High a couple of the rich kids had cool skateboards... boards like, NATAS, Slasher,etc. I loved the colors, the fat white Tracker copers and the jelly bean wheels. I was into the gear at first.

Me: What was your first "legit" deck?
kvon: I am a real wheeler dealer, I bartered the paper boy out of his Grosso Angel bat, then a kid at summer school talked me out of it and left me with a thrashed Roscopp face.

Me: Did you ever get a full new set up?
kvon: Yeah. My Dad took me on vacation to the west coast. On the way we stopped in Vegas and I went to some cool shop in the suburbs. I bought a teal rat bones t-shirt, A boneite Tony Hawk in navy / grey, White tracker ultra-lights and lime green cross bones.. that ride was sick!

Me: How long did it take you to learn how to ollie?
Kvon: People don't ollie, the board does that, ya get a board that can ollie and you are set.

Me: What was your first Vert experience?
kvon: Rewind a few years to '85, My Mom hauled me to Glenwood springs. There was an 11' (or so) vert ramp there with metal surface. Kids were ripping it. I sat in the car with my Nash executioner, scared to try it. I am glad I didn't, I would have looked like an idiot. In '89 I broke my wrist on that same vert ramp with a backside gone wrong. I took a few years off skating and pursued a music career.

Me: What do you skate now?
kvon: I like to go fast on the road and do big power slides. I like to go from point A to B and ollie every thing in my way. but I mostly ride my back yard mini it is 16' wide 6' tall and 4' tall all with a 7' radius. I ride vert whenever I can, mostly on trips to the city.

Me: Who do you skate with?
Kvon: I am the only known old school skater left in western Colorado.
I skate with my little brother, he is 18 yrs younger than me. I skate with my kids. I skate with my wife and I skate alone.

Me: What is skateboarding to you?
Kvon: as cheese as it sounds The search for Animal chin was right on, it goes back to the surfing roots, looking for that perfect ride that carries you off into the sunset... into infamy.

Me: Do you have goals in skateboarding?
Kvon: I couldn't live without goals, progress and growth in my life. I have a basic need to get better at everything I do. There are countless tricks and maneuvers that I want to learn but mostly I just want to stay stoked, healthy and skate with other people who love the ride!

I hope to get the honor to skate with you all soon!


Nikoli said...

Kook. (Is it October yet?)

Anonymous said...

Hey - where is the Vintage Skaters forum that you joined - please send me the link - I am an old school skater from the Bones Brigade era!!

Kvon said...

Anonymous: I fixed the link in this post. You can click it now. or go to

Sign up and introduce yourself!

-it's ALL about the ride!

Nikoli said...

Just joined and already recruiting! Well done kook!

Kvon said...

Ha-HA! Thanks Nik! ;)