Monday, March 16, 2009


Tony Alva. Christian Hosoi. Stevie Caballero. I could end this blog post with those three names and it would be complete. Howerver, In the presence of Legendary skate talent completely lose my cool and babble like a twelve year old! I got to meet Stevie, Christian and Tony! VERT YES! (thats my new explotive, not as hot as "Hell", more down to earth than "Heaven").

We arrived at the mall one hour early and grabbed lunch at Tokyo Joe's, its a little higher price and not as tasty as PEI-WEI ah but I digress. It was 30 min away from legend time when we strolled up to the Vans store and started our Search for Animal Chin aka "the end of the line". By the time the session (autograph sighing session) started the line was devastatingly long. A guy walked in at 3:10pm with a genuine Skull Skates Hosoi Hammer Head. He undoubtedly hoped to get his prize signed by the man himself... anyway the guy took one look at the line, shook his head and left. I was thinking to myself... "Would I have traded my place in line for that authentic Skull Skates Hammerhead? NOT A CHANCE!" I had driven 250 miles, purchased a hotel room and found something to keep the family busy just so I could have a chance to see three people who have devoted their lives to help shape skateboarding into the incredible gift that it is today. I waited in line with my son D for just over two and half hours. When I finely got to to meet Christian, Tony and Stevie I was as nervous, awkward and clumsy like Chevy Chase in a comedy scene. Thankfully The legends were very gracious. They rocked pictures and gave encouraging words. Thanks Stevie, Christian and Tony. The gift of your time made my day! May you skate forever!

Waiting in line with my boys! The whole family was there at the start but they finely had to bail. Understandably so.

P,A, and their friend Andrew swapped places in line with S,B and ?

Check out my Ripper eyes. Court Johnson would be proud!

Hosoi was so nice... He is one way cool person.

I am right next to Christian Hosoi... I will lose my cool in 5...4..3..2..

Legendary warriors.

I shook Cab's hand, maybe some Radness will transfer!

I wanted a pic with Cab so bad that I accidently leaned in and blocked T.A. from the pic.... RATS! My bad! Sorry T.A. I meant no disrespect.

Andrew kept his cool and got a pic with both T.A. and Cab. I think T.A. is smiling in this one. ;)

I grew up studying the moves and the style, I feel like I know these guys. I hope I get the chance to skate with them someday. I may never be as advanced on the board as them but one thing that we do share is a pure love for the ride!


Nikoli said...

AWESOME!! I was wondering where these pics were... Perhaps a chance to skate with Cab in October! *wink wink nudge nudge* Hey MOM! Can Kvon come to Cali and play with us!!

Kvon said...

For sure! It would be great to skate with Cab, if SJ is his home park maybe he will show up. I know... we could all pich in some cash and hire him to do a little skate camp for old dudes!

I think close to a thousand people showed up for the autograph session. The fans were stoked!

sarahgrace said...

Well... Nikoli- I'm not planning on going (into labor) early, so it'll probably be alright. Unfortunately for me though, still too late in the pregnancy to travel. But I'll do my best to get Kev on a plane and out there!

Nikoli said...

YOU ROCK MOM!!! (I know the last 6-8 weeks can still be sketchy...) May you have minimal morning sickness and "normal" cravings. ;)