Sunday, March 8, 2009


I am a man! I fix things and rescue damsels in distress. So naturally when I noticed my wife attempting to hand cut twenty-three fondant (don't ask how I know this term) bats for B's-BIG-Batman-Birthday-Bash... I sprung into action. Armed only with a small pair of jewelers pliers I salvaged a Christmas tree cookie cuter. The transformation was worthy of an A-Team episode and I was B.A. Baracus.. only smaller and lighter skinned.
The "Bat-Cakes"

"The Bat-Face"

"The Super-Friends" "Hey what's with the Knight? Isn't this suposed to be a Batman party? Oh-well"

It's a good thing that Knight showed up.. the Dragon lurks! photo:Big Wolfe

The Dragon GRINDS! photo:Big Wolfe

The Dragon tried to eat papa A!

Four BEAUTIFUL generations!

Nana B can still bend over and touch her toes without bending her knees! She is 87!

Ya can't top the O's! Two of the best people in the whole world!

If you know Bampa then you are laughing right now! I had to take this pic! LOL!


Nikoli said...

I pity the foo' who eats my cupcake! LOL! Well done MacGyver. And what do you mean you don't understand the Knight? Name the last Batman movie... *lightbulb*

Kvon said...

LOL! You got me there Nik! I keep thinking it was called "THE JOKER... and that one super hero." ;)

ol bean said...

BEEEEautiful job on the cookie cutter!!! The results show the precision... the meticulous detail... the wizardry!! Very nice, indeed. :-)

Kvon said...

lol! Thanks ol bean! :)

ol bean said...

BTW, Kvon, I see from looking at your lovely wife's blog that you are indeed A MAN!!!!

Kvon said...

Thanks ol bean!

Kilwag said...

Nice handiwork man. Fondent.. I'm guessing you watch Ace of Cakes?

Kvon said...

LOL! Thanks Kilwag.