Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Silhouette

In preparation for my .. uh.. movie (every video producer I know is "going to make a movie" someday... it's kind of a joke) I have been experimenting with a few shots. I want to develop a more artistic style of storytelling. Here is a short clip of a sunset shot I did the other day titled "The Silhouette". No story yet... although I have toyed with ideas that would include middle aged skaters, an unknown punk rock band, an aspiring artist, a small time movie producer... hmmm.


ol bean said...

THE SILHOUETTE... dramatic, eerie, fleeting, ghostly. From the Director of MAXIMUM DAMAGE comes a thriller unlike any movie you have ever seen before. Rated V for Violent Crash Scenes. Coming Soon... to a screen in front of you.

OK, we've got the trailer. All we need now is the movie to go with it.

Kvon said...

:) Love the commentary! Thanks for commenting ol bean!