Monday, March 2, 2009

Ya don't want to see a picture

Today I had a 4pm appointment for Drill and Fill at the dentist, so I asked the boss if I could leave early to skate. He encouraged me to forget the office and skate all day but I insisted on working until 3pm. I had a great session! I am trying to stall my inverts. I hope to do them like Neil Blender by the end of the summer.

I showed up at Apocalypse Dental on time and ready for the chair. They smiled and told me that they were running an hour behind. I came back at 5pm and they were ready. The dentist gave me four shots of Novocain and I was numb as rib eye in deep freeze. Turns out the Doc and I graduated high school the same year, "Nineteen ninety-forever-ago". I joyfully noted the eighty's music playing in his office as he began to drill. He drilled and drilled then confirmed my suspicion... I needed another root canal. rats. He wanted to fill it and reschedule me for a different day... I didn't want to do that... the Novocain leaves me with a splitting headache. "All the hangover, none of the fun." The Doc was real busy, remember they were already an hour behind I elected to wait there until they could get to me. An hour and a half and another chair later they started drilling. It turned into an ordeal. They drilled, I slobbered. We got the job done to the extended dance remix of Soft Cell's "Tainted Love". There was an African american woman in the chair to my right that could not stop laughing. To my left was a big tough oil worker type guy. six foot four and full of muscle. They gave him shot after shot but he would not go numb. The Doc didn't want to work on him in that state but he insisted that the Doc go ahead and pull his infected tooth. Ironically the music stopped as they went to work on the big guy. The poor guy shouting and gasped in pain. It brought me some perspective. Comparatively speaking, I was on an amusement park ride. I said a prayer for the poor guy and went to pay my bill. My insurance is maxed. "Great". The crowns are going to cost more than a new half pipe. The Doc showed up at the front counter to apologize for my appointment taking so long. "It's ok" I said "But ten more minutes and I was going to fill out a W9... maybe take out your trash." The Doc laughed and said good night.

I spent the better part of the day drooling in the dental chair, My head hurts, my teeth hurt and its going to cost me a lot of money. On the way home I passed a fresh road killed cat... This too brought perspective.. Ya know, my Life is pretty good!

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ol bean said...

What grrrreat perspective on life. Hey, Rib Eye... YOU the Man!! :-)